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Hi and welcome to the Surefunk FUNK MP3 MUSIC PODCASTS.
Below you can listen to our fresh original groove a la funk style podcasts including hip-hop, soul, R&B, world, jazz, roots and reggae. These feature various artists and musicians associated with Surefunk. Main production of original sounds and keys, including re-mixes by Paul (aka Slammer), and main funky bass sounds, assorted guitars, keys and production by Rico

Most mp3 podcast music is encoded to 64kbs/128kbs and is therefore not CD quality, but heck you can get the general idea. If you like the music podcasts featured here feel free to spread the word by syndicating our tunes on your web site.

:: If you are a musician, producer or label into funk, hip hop, roots etc. and wish to collaborate with Surefunk please use our :: Contact Form ::


Rednek Medley podcast featuring short funk and hip-hop audio clips in one. The the short tracks are:

1. Cameo Silver
2. Protocol
3. The Dark Side
4. I Like it Like this
5. The Gold Slipped through my Fingers

These tracks were produced between 1995 and 1997.

One Funk.

Listen now! (9:57min / 9MB)


Elephant Talk No.1 started playing in the early nineties. Their first tunes were inspired by Irish folk reels and certainly the music had this flavour, but with an eclectic jazzy feel too.

Around 1994 I joined the band and introduced the FUNK factor which made the music more groove orientated. We managed together to compose several tunes which were then made into a CD by the title of In a Big Sea. Hard to imagine that was 13 years ago!

Unfortunately all good things come to an end at some point and I left the band in 96.

Listen now! (7:46min / 7MB)


REDNEK Live Intro Rehearsal from 1997:

Rednek were a funk and hip hop band which toured through the 90's delivering an eclectic blend of funk n' hip hop laced with lyrical rap and jazzy overtones. The band went through several line-up changes but always kept their up-front style through the strong rap/hip-hop vocal performances from front man Monty.

These two tracks are taken from one of the rehearsals during 1997 and were recorded on a sony walkman, therefore the mix is not ideal, but you can get the gist of what the band were about. I will try and dig some studio and live gig recordings in the near future.

A big thank you goes to all the members of Rednek who contributed with their dedication and funky sounds.

Listen now! (0:00min / 7.9MB)


Starlight is all about us, as fine particles. We are all made up of it. Most of us don't realise, or only visualise and accept what we see.

This eclectic funk track was created one evening around October 2006. It features Looped drums, bass, vibe guitar, percussion and a spoken vocal overdub on the subject of gravity, planets and starlight.

It is by no means finished as you will realise when you listen, I just need to hook up with some musicians. Doing solo tracks is nowhere near as good as collaborating with other like minded musicians.

Listen now! (0:00min / 4.7MB)


Chances :: Sunz of Rhythm :: Live Funk House Music

This track was written and performed by Sunz of Rhythm. This is live house, with a funky edge a la disco. It's about taking chances, in a positive way.

Sometimes we lose direction In persuit of perfection Often there's no solution Free your mind from the Illusion

Listen now! (0:00min / 7.2MB)

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